The Reason why I March

1934773233_origI get asked why I do marching band every year. The easy answer is,”I love it.” However the long reason is I enjoy training the next generation of marchers and continuing the next generation of marchers and continuing the legacy of the Cavaliers. To me, this is one my most prideful achievements.

While I enjoy receiving the first place trophy at a competition, but what matters most to me is the opinion of my band director. If he believes we did well, then the hard work has paid off even without the award.

Marching band is similar to scouting. I help train the younger members to contribute to the group and to help it perform at the highest level. While some are only satisfied with achieving greatness, I am more satisfied with my successors achieving more.

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Marching Band is Hard Work Too

Marching is typically viewed as a fun activity that a bunch of band kids do after school. while this may be true for some bands, at Jefferson Forest High school marching band is much more than that. Marching band requires just as much, if not more work and talent as other highly competitive sports.

Some people do not understand how hard the marching band works. In the weeks before school starts, many hours are spent just on how to stand properly. Also, every single person on the field must memorize a unique set of steps while playing a challenging piece of music from memory. It is next to impossible to get two-hundred or even only forty people to all be perfect all of the time. Yet this is the goal of a marching band: get every person to exactly the same all of the time.

Even though marching band may now sound like an incredibly difficult activity (and it is), marching band is also very fun. Every year a bunch of dedicated students work hard toward creating something incredible; the show. And if done correctly, it can be stunning. there is nothing that can give you more pride than hitting the final chord of the show knowing that the hard work paid off.

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My Role in the Marching Band

I have been a part of my school’s marching band program ever since the eighth grade. Over the past few years, my experience has taught me many virtues. These include determination, dependability and leadership among others.

My third season of marching band has recently finished, and it was a different experience than from past years.this time my section (the trumpets) had doubled in size. We had ten veteran marchers as opposed to eleven rookies. So my role went from a follower to a leader. This year I taught the rookies how to properly march, helped the correct their mistakes and pass on some of the virtues I had learned over the two previous years.

Marching band has taught me many skills and has helped me develop many qualities. If I had never done marching band, I would not have learned how to be patient. And I would not be the same person that I am today.

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