Book 1- I really enjoyed the story line in this book. It got really exciting when Will hunting the Kalkara. John Flanagan made it very thrilling to read and I could just hardly wait to turn the page.

Book 2- During this book, I loved how Will, Horace, and Evanlyn all had to work together to defeat Morgarath. I also liked the twist at the end.

Book 3- I liked how Will and Evanlyn had to work together to try to escape the Skandians, but I did not like some of the story line with Halt and Horace. I also liked it when Erak released Will and Evanlyn.

Book 4- The Battle for Skandia was a very good book that showed that teamwork, even between two nations that don’t like each other, should be used when the world is in danger.

Book 5- The Sorcerer of the North was a book where you would guess one thing would happen and then a totally different thing would happen. I really enjoy those types of books.